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Luggage Classification

Luggage Classification
Issue Time:2017-03-13

Luggage could be divided into 3 classes by material.

First one, we call them hard shell luggage, mainly made by ABS or PC, ABS+PC, the mainly feature of this kind luggage is LIGHT, EASY-CLEAN

Second one, luggage is made by fabrice, usually use Nylon, SD slik. the feature of this kind is also light, but fabrice luggage is better to avoid from water or oil.

Third one, made by PU or geniune leather, this luggage is elegance and vintage, but you'd better to warnning and shape thing in your life, cause leather luggage is afraid of scartch

Cathylin Luggage produce all above kind of luggage, we have compelete producing line to keep our luggage product have real feature since down from line.


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